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Interview with Headline Books at the ALA National Conference

I was delighted to be able to do a two hour book signing with Headline Books at[…]

Addy of the Door Islands, released May 2, 2022, sequel to Lainey of the Door Islands

Addy of the Door Islands has arrived. Addy arrives on the Orphan Train but no one waits[…]

Blood Covenant, Israel, and the End-times, Week 4 Prep

  Do you think/believe we are in the End-times? Why or why not? _______________________ _________________________________________________________________________ What do[…]

Miracles Do Happen — Guideposts

Guideposts publishes books. One of those is Miracles Do Happen, 101 Glimpses of the Hidden Hand of[…]

Batting Practice – 8 Strategies for Success

My friend Kelli Hughett is my guest today. She wrote a novel about football . . .[…]