New Book 2024

Judy’s tenth book, Who Will Rescue Us? A Love Story, released June 18, 2024. This timely novella deals with concerns ripped from today’s headlines. It is a fictional story, based on a few true stories and the realities of the ugly underbelly of child trafficking so prevalent in our news.

A young couple, falling in love while they work at a hotel, hatch a plan to rescue young girls that are being trafficked. The woman’s two children, left behind while she crossed the river to enter the States, bounced around among relatives and ended up with a cruel aunt. Through all the hurt in every situation, a message of love and forgiveness is woven in by those stepping in to help.

Will Sofia and Hector be able to continue interrupting the plans of the traffickers and helping young girls in harm’s way? Will Sofia be found out and sent back? Will her children, Manny and Isobel, run away or endure their harsh treatment until they too can be rescued by their mom?

Though the reality of the subject matter is hard, DuCharme handles it with grace and encouragement. Cindy Sproles, best selling author and winner of the prestigious 2024 Selah Award for Fiction Novel of the Year for her book, This Is Where It Ends, wrote about Judy’s book: ‘The plot – intriquing. The subject – heart wrenching. The story – must be told.’

Local acclaimed author Thomas Davis wrote: ‘The message is wrapped into a story that keeps the reader turning the pages, and in the end, this particular novella becomes a celebration of what ought to be in this troubled world of ours.’

Who Will Rescue Us? A Love Story will be available on Amazon, online bookstores, and in many local stores along with Judy’s other books: