Take the Plunge

It seemed unlikely. Thousands of people would have entered. But then, there’s always God’s favor.  Yes, and probably every person that entered prayed for God’s favor.  Who am I? But I knew my niece’s story should be told.  BJ Taylor had presented a short workshop on how to write a good entry and had even given me  a critique. Still . . . it took her four times, and they only held the contest every two years.  Mid-August came and seemed to have gone.  It was August 20. I’d prayed again that morning. “It’s OK, why would they select me, but Lord you know, and Clare’s story should be told. And it would look nice on my resume. And I would learn so much.  It would be so cool. I praise you, Lord.”

The phone rang about 2PM. I didn’t recognize the number, but was focused on something on the computer. “Hello.”

“This is Guideposts Magazine calling.” A flutter, dropped mouth, excitement, disbelief. I was one of 12 who had won the 2014 Guideposts Workshop Contest. I would be flying to Rye, New York in October to be trained in the art of inspirational storytelling. Clare’s story would be told.

My first words were “Are you kidding?” Seriously, Self, would they randomly call the non-winners and tell them they won? I was simply stunned.  Then I was so excited, I don’t know what else I said.  I quickly texted and then called my niece. “I won, you won, we won!”

My niece had fallen off a boat a few years ago and subsequently spent 7 hours alone in the ocean overnight.  God gave her such peace and strength. It was difficult, but she survived, and I was given the privilege to write her story. Hopefully you can read it soon in Guideposts Magazine.

I will have so many opportunities to tell so many stories. The last few weeks so many stories from my past and from other people are stirring in my heart and mind.  What opportunities this workshop provides.

I still am somewhat flabbergasted (isn’t that a great word), as are the other winners.  We have met through email and on facebook.  We have met several that are already a part of the Guideposts family as well. What a kind and welcoming group. The workshop begins two weeks from today.

So, if God has given you a nudge to proceed in a certain venture that seems unlikely of success because of the sheer volume of competitors, go ahead and step out.  You’ll not get there if you never start. It may take a while and you may have to do a lot of do-overs, but you’ll be the better for it, and it will put you in a place to see the next step and the next opportunity. At first, for me, this seemed a whim, then it seemed an assignment from God, then it seemed a calling, a purpose.  I’m not quite sure what doors this will open for me, but I think there will be connections and open doors that I never would have experienced if I didn’t take time and try.