Blood Moon Time

In the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 8, there will be the second total lunar eclipse in a set of four.  Because of the refraction of the sun’s light passing through earth’s atmosphere as the earth slides between the moon and the sun, the moon appears red, hence the name Blood Moon.

lunar eclipse, moon, space

I love these things because I loved teaching fifth grade science, and delighted in informing the students that a lunar eclipse was viewing earth’s shadow passing over the moon.  Imagine seeing the earth’s shadow! How exciting! And refraction, the bending of light, as it passes through a substance, creates colors. How cool is that! Science is so much fun.

But these Blood Moons carry a much greater significance.  This is a series of four consecutive Blood Moons, that began April 14, 2014, and will continue to next September, each of them falling on a Jewish high holy day.  The spring ones occur on Passover and the autumn ones on the first day of Sukkoth, the Feast of Tabernacles.  Rabbinical teachings indicate that Blood Moons hold great significance for Israel.

Let me give you some background.  Although there can be as many as 7 lunar eclipses in any year, there have only been a few times in history when 4 in a row occurred on Jewish holy days.  The next time this will happen is a few hundred years from now.

There was a blood moon tetrad in 1493-94. The Spanish Inquisition required all Jews to be out of the country by July 31, 1492.  It was a terrible time for Jews.  Christopher Columbus sailed on August 3 of that year. Not too many know that Columbus was part Jewish.  He was a provision for the Jews in a time of great persecution.  They were given a whole new world to live in.

The next blood moon tetrad was in 1949-50. The Jews had such tragedy with the holocaust and then great triumph in obtaining their own country, Israel.  1967-68 was the next tetrad.  All the countries surrounding Israel wanted their annihilation, but Israel won the Six-Day War and regained Jerusalem.

Now Hamas has been pounding Israel with rockets and ISIS is decimating the Middle East. And we are in another set of Blood Moons.  What will be the provision for Israel? What will be their triumph this time? Doubtless, God will help and bless Israel.

John Hagee and Mark Biltz have written informational books about all of this. They will increase your understanding.  I have written a political thriller novel about this entitled Blood Moon Redemption. I have not yet secured a publisher, but I hope to soon.

So be sure to rise early Wednesday morning and watch the second Blood Moon of this holy day tetrad. Know that you are watching your planet’s shadow. Know also that God has set the sun and moon in the sky for signals and ask God what He would have you do.