Blood Covenant, Israel, and the End-times, Week 7 prep

Engage With the End-times

by Judy DuCharme

How well do you engage with the end-times?

Is this a question that conjures up fear, dread, a rolling of the eyes, a vision of a bedraggled man on a street corner with a poster and shouting, “Doom!”, or does it stir up excitement, anticipation, and perhaps a desire to study?

All of these may well be your visceral reaction to the term ‘end-times’. Some see end-times as a result of an apocalypse brought on by the government in control, the world-wide dealings with climate change, or the methods of energy retrieval.

Still one may believe we’re in the end-times because God can no longer stand by to what He sees in the world and it’s time for His judgment. Some may see these days as a fulfilling of prophecies from time immemorial. Others may perceive them as much ado about nothing, assured that life will continue as it always has no matter what.

Many Christians love the Lord with all their heart but are disheartened by end-time talk, and because of lack of understanding and an even greater lack of desire to figure it out, just brush it aside.

No matter where you look . . . politically, geographically, Biblically, morally . . . there is a sense that this world has not been here before. Engaging with the end-times has become a necessary entity. And it includes political issues, world-wide issues, Biblical and moral issues.

For those of faith, it may be easy to say, “Well, God said all this would happen, so here we go.” But are you praying? Are you fighting the battle that God has won for you and now says, “Get out there and do as I’ve commanded you.” In ancient times, when the General saw that the battle was won, he shouted, “It is finished.” That cry would rally the troops to wrap it up and bring forth the completed victory. We still have work to do.

He tells us to occupy till He comes. If you look at the protest movement of occupiers, they were not just going about life as normal, they were making a statement. They were pushing an agenda and risking their well-being. Are you willing to risk your well-being to accomplish God’s plans? If it’s end-times that means there’s only so much time to finish it up. We are told to pray that the Lord of the Harvest send laborers into the field to bring in the ready harvest. Have you every worked on a farm when the harvest is ready? Harvest is not a time to go on vacation, linger over breakfast, or go to the beach half way through. It requires all hands on deck. It doesn’t mean we do each other’s job or criticize their place in that field, it means we do our job and we assist others if needed.

How does that translate to daily life? One, pay attention. Some hate the news, some complain as they listen to the news. Be informed about what is going on in the world and pray for those in authority as we are commanded in 1Timothy 2:1. We do want peaceable lives, but not just so we can enjoy, but that all people might be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth (vs.2-4).

Two, pray that you will hear His voice. How can you obey the promptings in your heart if you don’t know His voice in your spirit. This comes as you spend time in the Word of God, learning His ways and obeying what is written. Then, when there is a certain area of influence, be it political, educational, ministry, neighborly, you’ll know it’s your direction for that day or your season in life.

Three, be aware of what is going on right around you. People that you see at the store or at the park or at work may just need the insight, the wisdom that God has given you. Always let your light shine. A candle doesn’t show up in the daylight, but in the darkness it burns brightly. People need your light to shine into their darkness and lead them to life.

Four, support Israel. As Christians we are grafted into the kingdom that was already given to Israel. They live in a rough neighborhood and are under constant badgering, yet they excel in technology, in education, in scientific discovery, in literature, in medicine, in economics, winning more more than ten times the Nobel Prizes in the last forty years than all the countries surrounding them–the countries that focus on Israel’s demise.

Isaiah 61:6,7 tells us ‘You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent. And give Him no rest till He establishes and till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.’

The Lord’s measuring rod for nations is how they treat Israel. Israel is the apple of God’s eye, and it’s not wise to poke the eye of God. Our nation has not always supported Israel, but we are returning to that support now along with great opposition from other nations and many in our own country. Antisemitism is at an all time high on college campuses. Blessing Israel blesses us. Pray that we continue to have policies that come alongside Israel to assist them in any way possible. It is the lifeline for this nation.

Finally, remember to live from God’s answer. Whether in this life or the next, all answers will be provided. If you know that, live from that. Live from the answer that’s coming, live from the victory that will be won. Mark 11:24 tells us to believe we receive the answer when we pray, so learn to live the answered prayer, fight the won battle, finish the done work. (Jonathan Cahn, The Book of Mysteries, Day 301) God has your back. Live with your eyes on Him.

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