Addy of the Door Islands

Addy arrived on the Orphan Train steamer in Ephraim, a small town in Door County, in the late 1800s. The steamer came from Milwaukee, and families waited to take in a child for work or to complete a family. But no one waited for Addy and her sister Molly. What would become of them? Addy determined to provide for her sister with every ounce of spunk she possessed. What follows is a series of adventures and mishaps as she searches for a place to call home and deal with the abandonment that stalks her. Of course, many of the same people who filled the pages of Lainey of the Door Islands cross paths with Addy and Molly.

In the first published year of Addy of the Door Islands, the book has won several awards. The most recent is the Ames Award for Courageous Faith in Historical Fiction.