“Judy DuCharme does it again! Another gripping page-turner of life in 19th century Door County that continues the story of Lainey and spotlights another spunky young girl. Intertwined within the story of Orphan Addy comes raging storms, endangered lives, new life, lost and reclaimed love, impetuous decisions, fulfilled dreams, and much more. And through it all, author DuCharme masterfully weaves in God’s promise from Isaiah 43:2 – ‘When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.’ You’ll laugh – you’ll cry – you’ll cheer. But you won’t want it to end!”

– Julie Lavender, Author

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“I hope that someone will turn this book into a movie. Yes it is that good and needs to be on screen so many people can witness the journey that the author captures. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I am overwhelmed by the way the author writes. The story seems so real that I felt like I was reading something straight from the front page of a newspaper.”

– Amazon Reviewer

I love Judy DuCharme’s story-telling chops. Her research is impeccable, and characters full and rich.

– amazon reviewer